A combination of edgeboards and PallRuns®, is a new 4-way pallet alternative.

It can replace traditional pallets such as wooden pallets or plywood pallets and also optimises the use of material and space; you will be able to load more and get all the benefits of strong sustainable packaging. Use it with corrugated boxes, shop displays, with a top board or directly under your product.

This combination of PallRun® and edgeboard is an excellent, cost-effective alternative for replacing standard pallets. EdgeRunner® can be placed directly under a box, shop display or other application.

Different height options maximize space use, which allows you to load more. The advantages are:

  1. Space optimisation
  2. Single-material packaging solution
  3. 100% carton board
  4. Self-adhesive option
  5. Simple assembly
  6. Accepted anywhere in the world without treatment or restrictions

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