E-commerce Solutions

Optimize material for deliveries to home and business

The decision to choose light and strong packaging material in e-commerce will secure deliveries, lead to satisfied end customers and a higher rate of repurchase. The handling of the ordered goods will be easy and the already reduced packaging material, 100% recyclable carton board can be dispatched to the nearest waste container without extra charges.

A standard carton pallet, for example, weighs only 5 kg in comparison to a wooden pallet that weighs 15 kg. Some of Eltete’s solutions are even lighter and therefore an excellent alternative to traditionally used materials.

Cost savings Light material Reduction of material Multiple combinations Flexible sizes Easy handling and recycling Satisfied end customers

Pallet base with EdgeRunner

Strapping protection
Minimised material use
Security for shipments
Multiple combinations
Optionally ER is attached directly to a box

Self-adhesive BoxRunner

Fast and easy to attach
Excellent bonding with different surfaces
Available with edge support
Different options in height, length, etc.

The Box

Easy to handle, load and unload
Available also for heavy-duty applications
Can be combined with any pallet
Delivered in a kit

Pallet Tray with frame

Suitable for short and long products
Stabilises, secures and protects
Easy to combine with The Box
Made according to your needs

Carton Pallet

Alternative for wooden, plywood or plastic pallets
Capacity to take heavy loads
2- and 4-way
ISPM-15 compliant

Take control of your shipping options. Boost the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction!

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