Quality and Raw Materials


Quality and Raw Materials

Our products are well-known in the packaging world for their strength and high quality. The general raw material is kraftliner, testliner, coreboard and other similar recycled paperboards.

Carefully selected raw materials with a long fiber structure and a special production method are the keys to an extraordinary product with unbeatable strength values. A laminated compact carton board product gives strong protection even from the most powerful shocks that threaten products during their transportation.

The glue used in the lamination process is water-soluble PVA. It complies with food hygiene standards and is classified as non-hazardous and non-toxic.

No environmentally harmful fluids or solvents are formed or used at any stage of the production process. All process waste is sorted, shredded, baled and forwarded to the paperboard industry for recycling.

Paper packaging needs no special sterilization treatment as wood does, and is accepted in all countries without any restrictions.

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