Food and beverage industry


There has been an increased demand for Slip Sheets in export shipments for these industries. This includes frozen food, confectionary, pet food, dairy products, instant mix powders, alcoholic beverages, olive oil, balsamic vinagre, you name it! Today you can find exotic foods and other foreign products in your local supermarket. We are all interested in trying new things, which leads to an increased need of mobility of products. Again, sustainability in packaging material, low cost of Slip Sheets and huge savings in freight cost, are the reasons for its popularity (see cost savings calculation below).


Case study

Comparison of Cost for a company exporting 1 container per week.


Comparison of Cost for a company exporting 10 containers per week.


You can ship almost any type of product with Slip Sheets (boxes, bottles, big bags, sacs, etc.)

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